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DIY make Your own Circus with Light- all in 1 bumper craft kit with all materials and accessories to make your own circus world, with circus, bulb, wire and accessories

₹ 799.00
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Clowns jumping from cannons, jumping on to nets from high trapezes, elephants and lions doing amazing tricks and keeping you entertained for hours... humor, thrills and so much more!
Create your own magical circus world full of dancing animals, tent, grass and light.
Paint, paste, learn to fix the light and decorate your special corner!
This immersive DIY craft activity kit includes all the materials needed to keep children creatively engaged for hours, preserve and showcase their creativity while improving their fine motor skills and enhancing their creative thinking! Also a great way to reduce their screen time and allow parents to spend quality time with their kids and bond over this great crafting activity.
Great for creating that special corner inside your room and for special unique gifting for birthday parties, return gifts etc.
Proudly made in India using eco friendly papers and recycled materials.
Save yourself time and energy sourcing and collecting the required materials with our all in one craft kit! all the materials, animals, accessories, wire and bulb, tent etc. included.