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Engage Kids Mindfully and Nurture their Creativity

Engage Kids Mindfully and Nurture their Creativity

Engage Kids Mindfully and Nurture their Creativity

The biggest concern most parents are facing these days is children being locked-in and spending too much screen-time. Most of the young ones are conveniently buried in mobile phones, video games or watching television.

Arts and craft projects are wonderful to engage not just the children but also the family along with them. Paper craft is colourful, organic, no chemical option. It

Involves using your hands and fingers and of course your mind, getting your child’s creative juices flowing.

Giving your child a papercraft project to do will sharpen their motor skills and improve the overall muscle strength and control over movements. As kids learn to control their own movements, they will also learn how to create different shapes and patterns. As they cut, stick, and give shape to fun things they might even discover a fun hobby, like drawing, that can later become a lucrative career, like the graphic design!

These crafts Do It Yourself projects are also a great way to help kids who are naturally shy and not that comfortable with expressing themselves in words. We have found that such quieter children often look for different, more visual ways to express their emotions and thoughts.

The papercraft activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work, which builds confidence. The artwork and toys they build themselves can be gifted, appreciated and cherished amongst family and friends.

And best of all, parents can sit with their child and create things together; It’s a wonderful way to for creating fun times and special bonding.

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