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Art and Craft Materials

Art and Craft Materials

Art and Craft Materials

The festive season has begun, and now there will be many holidays coming up in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Nowadays, the usual holidays of your kids are spent by watching a series or playing some video games. Such activities add some screen time and even can affect mental as well physical health. According to the journal of Harvard Medical School, too much gaming can lead to injuries in the repeatedly used muscles.

Also, researches suggest that these games can negatively affect the psychological health of the person. Hence you can save your kids from such mal effects by adding some exciting activities that can make them forget their video games for a while.

In case if you are thinking about why kids are obsessed with gaming, then the answer is that it allows them to think differently and sometimes show their creative skills. You can turn on this “creative mode” in several ways without actually involving these games. There are so many art & craft ideas that would engage your kid in activities and nurture their creativity.

Let’s discuss some ways through which you can make this holiday full of fun and develop the creative skills of your little ones.

 Making handmade gifts for every occasion

You can encourage your kid to make some gifts for their grandparents and best friends. It can be a card, scrapbook, or a handmade bag/basket with many chocolates. All you need to do is stack the required material on the table and let them do whatever they want to do with the material. Now you can save your time in finding the right things for the handmade gift with our readily available art and craft kit. It includes a DIY kit for the scrapbook, paper bag, basket making, and many more.


 Revamping the interiors with vibrant colors

As Diwali is coming soon, you can encourage your kid to change the interiors by adding some “aww” factor to the walls with colors. You can let them paint the master wall according to their wish and match the essence of the festival with your kid’s enthusiasm. This activity is way far better than bursting crackers. It will help in developing motor skills, and you will surely be able to see a bright smile on your kid’s face.

This activity will also let the masterpiece of your kid stay forever till you plan to change it. You can save messy things with our range of DIY wall decor. It is planned for kids and also helps the kid in adding more finishing to your artwork. Isn’t it a great option?

 Storytelling with props

Is your kid a drama king/queen? Let them show their acting skills with storytelling activity. Make the activity more interactive by adding actual props. For example, if your little princess wants to become the young girl of “Little red riding hood,” then you can prepare the basket and other stuff.

Or suppose your kid is narrating a fable. In that case, you can prepare the entire jungle on your table with our range of art and craft materials, including things like a DIY circus, DIY safari, Ram Katha kit, etc., which can help make all the props in just a couple of minutes. It will also help your kids in showing their creative skills, and you will be able to spend some quality time with them.

We hope the kids get creative this festive and holiday season with Kidsy Winsy ideas. Pick up our products from the website and let the kids add endless possibilities to their creative hands!

We shared some fun activities that can help your kid show their creative skills and spend some quality family time.

Moreover, the clips of these activities can be used in school’s holiday homework. Give them the right kit and let them explore the creative arena.

You wouldn’t want your kids to miss out on the fun-filled activities, right? Then check out the complete range today!

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